Strategy Implememtation

Implementation and execution are the two most important phases when a business plans or strategy is committed. The website mention a study, by the Fortune Magazine that suggests: “most 70% of 10 CEOs who fail do so not because of bad strategy, but because of bad execution.”(Jun, 1999) So what should an organization focus on to ensure successfully strategy implementation or execution?

After some research I believe that there are two ideas that are repeatedly mentioned. Schedule feedback of the progress measurement and choose the right change leader/ implementation team are the two top concepts to successful implementation. In the article, The Implementation of Business Strategies: Implication for the Sale Function by Viswanathan and Olson suggest that a business wishes to apply a specific strategy and it is only reasonable to have an “appropriate performance objective” to accompany the strategy. The appropriate performance objective should be time sensitive and authentic reflect the current progress. Later Viswanathan and Olson argue the importance of an accurate measurement system by saying that at the end, how well the desire strategy is implemented can only be told by the measurement. Furthermore, one essay: Strategy implementation and realizations on the website, suggests there should be some characteristics for an “effective performance management system” such as:

  •   It must communicate strategy
  •   It must measure performance in real-time, and
  •   It must offer an integrated project management capability, and
  •   It must acknowledge and enable emotional contracting with all staff

The first two points reflect to the first key idea of schedule feedback of the progress measurement which is mentioned above; nevertheless, the third and the fourth point lead to the second idea, choosing the right change leader/ implementation team. “Right” is an easily understand positive word but what exactly is “right” means under the concept of implementation? The phrase “change leader” was mentioned during last class and this is the vocabulary I use for the topic implementation because someone who can understand the importance of the change and at the same time has the motivation to lead others in the organization toward the desire outcome then that person is the “right” man or woman for the job. In the blog, What Makes Change Happen? on the Harvard Management Update (Oct. 2007) advises that choosing the right person or assembling the right team to implemented the change or new strategy is “most difficult yet most important imperative” for the organization. Furthermore, the blog mention two key characteristics: enthusiastic about executing the plan and the qualification of abilities to performing the tasks. (Bossidy) In addition, there will be resistant within the organization to the implementation due to natural of people react toward changes, which was also discussed during last week’s class.

In conclusion, enable to implement a new plan or strategy is as important and as difficult to coming up with a strategic plan because as great as the plan is if the plan is not successfully implemented then all the efforts that were invested might just go in to waste. Therefore,  remember as long as the people who are involved believing in the plan then tracking the progress and finding the right person to do the job are the two most essential focuses when it comes to successful strategy implementation.


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